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The Master’s is a 3-year program:

  • 1st year: Fundamentals of management, immersion in enterprise
  • 2nd year: Year abroad (see partner universities), courses and tutoring by correspondence,
  • 3rd year: professionalization through an internship year alternating classes at the university and working at an enterprise, courses in English at Dauphine, and end of studies Thesis.


At graduation, 3 diplomas are delivered: a Bachelor’s of Management Sciences after the first year, the Master of Global Management (on condition of obtaining the Magistère de sciences de gestion in 3rd year) and the Master’s of Management Sciences after the 3rd year.


Examination methods :

Several assessment methods are used: assessment of knowledge, on-going monitoring, presentations, dissertations and final examinations.


One of the specificities of the Masters is its three-pronged evaluation requirement:

  • No compensation for any UE credits. Students are required to have 10 credits in each subject,
  • All classes are compulsory and class presence is mandatory,
  • Repeating the year within the Masters is not an option.


Pedagogical Procedures:

The program is conceived to allow permanent confrontation between fundamental knowledge and the reality of corporate management. It calls on:

  • Fundamental courses in management,
  • Methodological input focused on the professional experience of stakeholders,
  • Team work projects,
  • Field work in companies during a placement,
  • Simulations, case studies,
  • Presentations, restitutions, first-hand experience talks,
  • Training through research – writing a dissertation at the end of the program concerning an issue with the experience as an apprentice.


The Masters stresses the pedagogy of work in small groups (30 students maximum) per class in order to favour true interactivity within the group.


Program Director:
Sébastien DUIZABO
Virginie SRECKI

Academic Assistant:
Office P633
Tel: +331 44 05 42 71
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Apprenticeship Assistant:
Office D409
Tel: +331 44 05 45 06
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Postal Adress:
Magistère de Sciences de Gestion
Université Paris-Dauphine
Place du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny
75775 PARIS CEDEX 16


Early beginnig of academic year :
Monday 30th of May to Fiday the 3rd of June


Next semester begins:
31th august 2016