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The Master’s Student Association

The success of the Master’s is also due to its students who invest themselves in the AMGD – the Association of the Master’s of Global Management – in order to promote their program.
A non-exhaustive list of their activities includes:


Festive Events

Integration weekend: a weekend that reunites all the 1st and 2nd year students in an effort to integrate and welcome the new class. The weekend includes a themed evening, team building sports days, as well as numerous activities oriented toward networking among the students. Last year this event took place in Saint Gaultier in the region of Creuse!


Graduation weekend: organised in order to solidify the link between the 1st and 3rd year students as well as strengthening relations with graduating students.


Ski week: the 2014-15 student association AMGD decided to organise a ski week for their entire class. This ski week took place at Saint Sorlin d’Arves in the region of Savoie.


Professional events

Alumni Cocktail: Each year the 25 classes meet in a friendly environment at the university to network and share experiences.


Tutors Cocktail: In order to help students in their internships and graduates with their job research, each year the Master’s organises a cocktail with the tutors of the previous year.


Company visits: Thanks to the many adjunct faculty linked to the Master’s, we have had the opportunity to visit the head office of Mazars France, as well as the office of Microsoft France. A number of speakers have also come to Dauphine, notably a representative of Danon.


Unique partnerships

La Comédie Française reserves some special prices for the students of the Masters at a cost of 8 euros the seat! Since September 2012 students have been to see:

  • Un chapeau de paille d’Italie de Labiche
  • Le jeu de l'amour et du hasard de Marivaux
  • L'école des femmes de Molière
  • Le malade imaginaire de Molière
  • Troïlus et Cressida de Shakespeare
  • Candide de Voltaire
  • Phèdre de Racine
  • L'avare de Molière
  • Ce que j'appelle oubli de Laurent Mauvignier
  • Cabaret Boris Vian de Boris Vian
  • La maison de Bernard Alba de Federico Garcia Lorca
  • Le Misanthrope de Molière
  • Père d’Auguste Strindberg
  • La double inconstance de Marivaux
  • Les derniers jours de l’humanité de Karl Kraus
  • La musica deuxième de Marguerite Duras
  • La demande d’emploi de Michel Vinaver

Talented Minds: A start-up proposing a link between enterprises with punctual and specific needs and students with the desired skills.


SeeKube: This project intends to allow companies to access a new form of recruitment. It is open to students to help them create value out of their experiences. The principle of SeeKube is to put student CVs online and to represent them graphically as a 6-faced cube. Each face corresponds to an experience of the student that s/he can detail. Students’ profiles are thus more detailed and give precise information about the students to recruiters.


Program Director:
Sébastien DUIZABO
Virginie SRECKI

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Apprenticeship Assistant:
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Early beginnig of academic year :
Monday 30th of May to Fiday the 3rd of June


Next semester begins:
31th august 2016