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Specificities of the program

The Masters of Management Sciences is characterized by 4 specificities:


A General Education

The Masters relies upon more than 25 years of experience to show that a general business and management training prepares about thirty young skilled students each year likely to practice different professions. Although specialization during the program permits determined students sure of their professional development to pursue their goals, many 20-years-olds are not yet certain as to what their career path should be.
The Masters of Management Sciences has been created in order to answer the companies’ needs to hire functional, skilled co-workers with certain important capacities (accounting, information system specialists, team management, process management…). These co-workers have to be able to act as a go-between with other company’s departments and external stakeholders. To answer these needs, the Masters is made up of both strong academic and company cultures so as to train responsible and skilful managers that will be able to quickly take part in the companies’ strategic development.


A Marked Professionalism

The Masters opened its apprenticeship program in 2014. This vocational training scheme allows students to put their knowledge into practice. Once graduated, our students have gained substantial professional experience as part of the Masters. Mature enough, they can face managerial issues, and they are also able to put them into perspective. Thanks to this program, students are particularly effective once their training is complete.


A Warm Welcome to International Students

All students must spend their second year abroad:

  • Either, 1 year at the same Dauphine partner university (within the limited places available)
  • Or, the 1st semester at a Dauphine partner university AND the 2nd semester in an internship abroad for at least 5 months (not necessarily in the same country as the first semester)

In exchange, the Masters welcomes about ten international students during a semester, so as to strengthen the global dimension of the program.
The Masters offers 6 hours of languages course per week.
Likewise, some classes are taught in English during the third year of the program.
Thus, a third of the 1 800 hours of classes are taught in a foreign language.
Finally, international management issues are at the heart of the course.


Accent on the Cultural Dimension

Openness to both culture and to different management issues is essential. Therefore, apart from usual classes, various broad-reaching courses are offered to students, such as:

  • Contemporary art

  • Religion history

  • Ethics & morals


Early beginnig of academic year :
Monday 30th of May to Fiday the 3rd of June


Next semester begins:
31th august 2016