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Florence Guimezane - Class of 1999

Senior Manager at BearingPoint

After an initial training in Economic Sciences, I chose to integrate Dauphine’s Master’s of Management Sciences for its general pathway into management, the diversity of its teachings and international orientation. Thus, I started to learn Spanish and I also had the opportunity to go on exchange in Washington for one semester. After that, this experience allowed me to lead projects abroad and, in particular, in Spain. This three-year Masters degree is extremely rich in experience and instructive, with a friendly atmosphere and a great team spirit. The Master’s of Management Sciences gave me an open-mindedness and an intellectual agility which lead me to consulting. I started at Arthur Andersen as an intern and after I continued my carrier in organizational consulting, more specifically for the HR function, as well as in support of changes in CAC 40’s companies’ transformation projects. What I lived through this program, namely the projects’ particularity, teamwork and novelty has left a lasting impression.


Nicolas Vignon - Class of 2004

General Manager - Eurosky Corporate Solutions,S.L.

In 2001, I was accepted into the Master’s of Management Sciences program without any idea of my professional career future: Finance? Marketing? Audit? Advisory? Everything interested me and it was hard to know the practical meaning of a profession. This degree gave me more than one string on my bow. On top of that, it was a great atmosphere to study in (small group, journeys). To me, the main points of the program remain the cultural and languages courses as well as the quality of teachers and Professor Roux’s personality. After a first internship at Rotschild & Companie Banque, I presented my internship report in front of former students, and I told them that I wanted to spend a few years in Auditing to get some experience in management. They surprised me by saying that they saw me more clearly working in a commercial department as a seller. Two years later, their prophecy came true. I left for Spain to work in a small air brokerage company (my goal at the rime was to return to Barcelona where I lived during my exchange program). Now I’m 30, and it has been 8 years that I have lived in Barcelona. I am now in charge on my own company in air brokerage. I am dealing with everything (accounting, marketing, I speak 5 languages) I think the Masters had a great deal to do with that.


Laurent Chriqui - Class of 2008

Senior Associate at Duff & Phelps

What attracted me to the Master’s of Management Sciences is that it’s multidisciplinary approach training to many management jobs. I didn’t want to choose between just Finance or Marketing or Management Control. This global approach taught me what makes a company successful. Running a business is to associate different professions which most of the time just coexist without meaningful dialogue. After this program I decided to work in an Advisory department on financial optimization and restructuration. All that I was taught during the Masters helped me to see problems from a more global point of view than just the financial one.


Jérôme Eymery - Class of 2010

Client Partner, Telecom, Google New York

I chose to pursue this program at Dauphine because it integrates a Master’s into the curriculum and gives the student visibility in L3 regarding what he or she will do in 2 years time while having the opportunity to do an apprentissage and exchange during his or her Master’s. Besides the technical reasons, it is above all a matter of the ‘soft skills’ that Dauphine, and the Master’s in particular, have provided: a command of oral communications, body language and non-verbals, organization of debates … so many skills that are extremely useful in my consultant job today. I could say even more about the difference between Dauphine and other similar programs at this level in major Parisian Business Schools.


Kenza Lachachi - Class of 2011

Consultant at Altai Consulting

After my two first years as a Dauphine student, I wanted to apply for a selective program, with various qualitative courses, an international outlook and a real team spirit. Thanks to the diversity of classes, the semester abroad and the small number of students, the Masters was perfectly suited to my expectations. I have never regretted my choice because I have spent 3 years packed full of learning, meetings as well as human and professional experiences. During my studies, I have learned to excel in every circumstance and especially in teamwork, a very useful skill in the work world. Last but nor least, the Masters encourages us to fulfil our curiosity. Beyond the theoretical, these 3 years have improved me on a human level.


Faouzi Ounes

After two years of preparatory classes at ENS Cachan, I had but one ambition and that was in go to University Paris Dauphine, especially the Master’s of Management Sciences. I wanted a program that would couple theoretic learning with practical application in the business world. The two first years of the Masters helped me acquire a solid base of technical knowledge (in addition to an exchange abroad), which I was then able to put into practice in my third year through a yearlong apprenticeship. It is a real advantage pour young graduates to have a 12-month professional experience on their CVs. For me, I decided to do my apprenticeship at CIC Private Bank as Project Manager in the Mergers and Acquisitions department. In the end, this was an exceptional experience for me both on a human and professional level. I can affirm that the last year of this program gives students a concrete opportunity to obtain a professional position after graduation. I was able to work on tangible and passionate subjects thanks to the duration of my apprenticeship as compared to those who were on shorter-term internships. At the end of my apprenticeship contract, I was offered an interesting position but had other ambitions at that point for my career: an international experience. As a result, I found a VIE position before the end of my apprenticeship in Hong Kong and all this thanks in very large part to the Master’s of Management Sciences at Dauphine!!!


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